Knowing Jesus: Jesus was religious

Knowing Jesus: Jesus was religious

There is a trend among progressive Christianity to decry religion as a general concept, and religious people specifically. In most cases, I'm not convinced that the aim is to promote the abandonment of organized faiths or to condone hedonistic and worldly lifestyles. But on the other hand, disavowing religion (and whatever the hearer might associate with it) makes it a lot easier to talk to people without being seen as "one of those horrible religious nuts."

Were you insulted on social media today? Deal with it

You may feel that your side has been unfairly singled out. Everyone's blaming you and "people like you" for all this trouble. You see both sides of the aisle acting like spoiled children, and you don't understand why all the self-appointed parents seem to be pointing their finger at you, and not at the brother or sister that clearly started this whole mess. You and I need to get over it.

An Election Day without hope? God forbid!

Today is Election Day. Can you imagine the feeling for those who believe that their happiness, their well-being, their fulfillment somehow rests on this outcome? I don't know about you, but if my hope were in this government fixing my problems and making this world better, I would be, as Paul says, "of all men, … Continue reading An Election Day without hope? God forbid!

Knowing Jesus: Jesus required true “discipleship”

Knowing Jesus, Lesson 10: Jesus required true discipleship

When we think about Jesus, we often depict him as the warm and welcoming savior, waiting with open arms for any and all who want to follow after him. And that's a good thing, because that's exactly who Jesus is. But sometimes, I think┬áthat the religious world's view of the Gospel invitation misses one vital … Continue reading Knowing Jesus: Jesus required true “discipleship”