Faith to pray: the story of Hannah

By February 27, 2017Audio

I had the opportunity to speak this past weekend at the Upper West Manhattan church of Christ’s “Five Guys Lectures,” and it allowed me to speak about something I need help with as much as anyone: prayer.

The topic was “Faith to Pray,” and we talked about Hannah’s prayer to God for a son, which resulted in Israel’s last and maybe greatest judge, Samuel. In Samuel, we see foreshadows and prophesies that point us toward the coming anointed king David, and ultimately Jesus Christ.

There are four takeaways that I spoke about – and there are plenty more as you study the story in 1 Samuel 1-2.

  • Pray like a servant and not a customer

  • Pray like it’s your only option

  • Pray like I’m praying to a good God

  • Pray like I’m praying to my own personal high priest

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