52 weeks (or more) of Jesus

I was inspired by a lesson delivered by Bob Buchanon, an evangelist with whom I’ve traveled to the Philippines the last three years. One of his lessons, “Becoming More Like Jesus”, sought to outline a number of different things that we learn from scripture about Jesus as a man, while he was on this earth preaching, healing and living a life of service to the Father. He came up with a list of 38, and I thought, “if I could only come up with 14 more…”

Fortunately, it’s a rich subject.

So Lord willing, I’ll work my way through my list over the next year, focusing on different aspects of Jesus: his life, his character, the things that we can deduce about him by his actions and teachings. Because as much as many may argue that we ought to “teach the man, not the plan,” the reality is that Jesus was the perfect example of one who lived his teachings. It’s impossible to separate Jesus’ actions from his teachings, because they were perfectly connected.

I pray that this will glorify God and help each of us to come to a greater appreciation and understanding of the one who died for us.

Week 1: Jesus sought God’s will first

Week 2: Jesus loved as he taught others

Week 3: Jesus sought those who were lost 

Week 4: Jesus took the danger of sin seriously

Week 5: Jesus depended on scriptures

Week 6: Jesus noticed individuals

Week 7: Jesus did not sin

Week 8: Jesus got angry

Week 9: Jesus prayed like someone was listening

Week 10: Jesus required true discipleship

Week 11: Jesus was religious

Week 12: Jesus was compassionate

Week 13: Jesus got discouraged

Week 14: Jesus put spiritual things first