Knowing Jesus: Jesus got discouraged

Knowing Jesus Lesson 13: Jesus got discouraged

In the sixth chapter of John, the apostles describes what I think was a turning point in the work of Jesus on this earth. He was possibly at his height of popularity, working in around the Sea of Galilee, having just demonstrated his power in amazing fashion, feeding 5,000 men with only five loaves and two fish. … Continue reading Knowing Jesus: Jesus got discouraged

Why we can’t be “red-letter Christians”

I’ve personally used the term “red-letter Christian” for a while. I actually didn’t know there was an official “movement” by that name – one that was formed by people who were concerned about the politicization of Christianity and its seeming alliance with right-wing political groups. Their claim is they want to transcend politics and unite … Continue reading Why we can’t be “red-letter Christians”