Knowing Jesus: Jesus was compassionate

Knowing Jesus: Jesus was compassionate

Jesus' mission on this earth was of a spiritual nature. He came to establish a kingdom that would bring Jew and Gentile together in one body — his own. He lived his life with a singular focus matched by few, if any. As we've already discussed, he came to "seek and save the lost" (Luke 19:10). … Continue reading Knowing Jesus: Jesus was compassionate

Were you insulted on social media today? Deal with it

You may feel that your side has been unfairly singled out. Everyone's blaming you and "people like you" for all this trouble. You see both sides of the aisle acting like spoiled children, and you don't understand why all the self-appointed parents seem to be pointing their finger at you, and not at the brother or sister that clearly started this whole mess. You and I need to get over it.

If we really care about their souls, why do we sound so angry?

I was talking to a friend this week and she said something that made me take a step back and think. We were talking (or texting) about how we as Christians function in a society that continues to slide further and further away from God's righteousness, and how you sometimes have to put it aside and … Continue reading If we really care about their souls, why do we sound so angry?